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Try not to go back and forth with the salesperson regarding payments, down payment type of equipment and interest rates. Companies like Capital One Auto Finance and Road Loans make it possible for you to be pre-approved online for an auto loan within minutes. Giving you more control with the purchasing process will save you time and money.

If you have a low credit score, maybe now is not the right time to finance a new vehicle. Auto loan rates are based on previous credit history. Therefore, applicants with a history of paying bills late will receive a higher rate.

Down payments lower your monthly repayments and interest thereon. Time for repayments is also less. Therefore, you can repay loan faster and project good credit as shorter repayment periods ensure you repay less interest. Auto dealers charge differential auto loan rates for different models and makes of cars. Therefore, decide which car you want to buy before applying for auto loan. If you are unable to decide the car type, go in for flexible auto loan so that you can adjust rates according to the car you buy. Your credit scores also influence your loan rates. Normally, scores above 750 speak well of your credit position, and you receive best rates for your auto loan.

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If you are a couple, you may also choose to use the person with the best credit score to apply for the refinance auto loan. You can find out who has the better record by requesting your credit score online.

Fortunately, online auto loan brokers offer convenient ways to compare lenders. With some sites you can make side by side comparisons, while other sites will email you multiple financing offers. Auto loan brokers work hard to attract customers by negotiating lower rates with lenders, so you often will find better deals through their sites that through a dealership.

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The first step is to make sure that you negotiate the car’s price separate from the vehicle financing arrangements. Most dealers want to lump it all together because they can hide quite a bit of the actual price of the vehicle in the loan contract, and they will usually just try to meet a monthly payment figure that you can live with rather than disclose all the details about the loan.

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